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Mersen's brands are an important part of who we are. Learn more about a few of the brands that are part of the Mersen family.



In February 2014, Mersen acquired a majority share in Cirprotec, a pioneering company involved in the design and manufacture of lightning and surge protection devices. For more than 20 years CPT has been a leading player in this sector and also provides consulting services and customized solutions. 


Mersen's Eldre® bus bar product line has a reputation for outstanding technical expertise and quality thanks to a half-century of designing and manufacturing bus bars. Its capabilities span a broad range from single layer bus bars to multi-layer laminated bus bars, incorporating discrete components into an integrated power package. The Eldre® product line is a leading supplier of laminated bus bars to the alternative energy, computer, power electronics, military, transportation, industrial and contract manufacturing sectors.


An innovative pioneer, Mersen’s Ferraz Shawmut product line of fuse technology has provided state-of-the-art protection for over 129 years. Its many innovations include the widely known and respected Amp-Trap® current-limiting fuse, Amp-Trap 2000® time-delay fuses, Protistor® fuses semiconductor protection, Limitor® high voltage fuse-links, Tri-Onic® current-limiting, time-delay fuses, the ground-breaking SmartSpot® open-fuse indicator technology, and the new HelioProtection® solar power protection fuse line. Today, Ferraz Shawmut continues to be the most trusted fuse brand in electrical protection helping companies around the world improve electrical safety, performance, and reliability.  



Mersen's M. Schneider product line has delivered high quality electro-technical products for more than 87 years. A leading international supplier in the field of fuse and bus bar systems, Mersen's range of products includes MULTIFIX® bus bar systems, the NH, D, D0 and cylindrical fuse systems, miniature and high voltage fuse-links. The product portfolio includes the complete NH-fuse-system, fuse links, MULTIBLOC® and MULTIVERT® fuse switch disconnectors, fuse-rails and fuse-bases. Used by public utilities, panel board builders and industry, the M. Schneider product line meets the highest quality requirements, products are acclaimed for their safety and reliability. 


Since 1981, Mersen's R-Theta® heatsinks have been protecting semiconductor and power electronic systems making them more efficient, reliable and profitable. Bringing to market revolutionary, patented heatsink technology, R-Theta® air cooled heatsinks features patented "glueless technology" for high performance, high ratio cooling solutions. Its liquid cooled technology offers leading-edge cold plates, press-pack coolers, and embedded pipes. For state-of-the-art phase change cooling, R-Theta® provides stand-alone heat pipe systems. Complete cooling units and systems are also available via the R-Theta® product line.

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