June 28, 2018

Mersen Electrical Power is announcing the launch of a new on line E-Learning portal titled “Mersen Knowledge Center- Electrical Power.”

Mersen Knowledge Center – Electrical Power is Mersen Electrical Power North America’s new official online self-registering E-learning portal for electrical distributors, engineers, and end users. Visitors to the portal will find a broad library of 22 different training modules in video presentation format to choose from. The modules introduce students to basics of electricity, fuses and surge protection products and provide an overview of how these products are applied in various applications.

The training modules are typically ten minutes or less video presentations and contain a short quiz at the end of each module. Upon the successful completion of the each training module quiz, students have the option of printing out their Certificate of Completion for their keeping.

Mersen Knowledge Center link will be available on in US and Canada, replacing the existing training modules listing. The link is available on Mersen EP page: .

Mersen Knowledge Center training modules are externally shared amongst many of well-known North American electrical distributor groups such as Affiliated Distributors (AD), IMARK, Rexel, Sonepar, Turtle & Hughes, ALCAL and NAED. In addition, any Mersen authorized distributor or representative can incorporate the Mersen Knowledge Center Portal link into their own website as part of their line card’s training source.

Please note that moving forward, all visitors to Mersen Knowledge Center, (either directly on website or through a distributor university portal) MUST be self-registered in order to access the modules. This registration method will provide Mersen a better tracking capability of users’ enrollments and completions, a feature that was only available in IMARK University on the past.

Benefits of Mersen Knowledge Center are listed below:

  • Mersen Knowledge Center sets the foundation for a cleaner and more professional looking platform for Mersen training needs moving forward, for both internal and external users
  • As all visitors to MKC need to register, Mersen Knowledge Center provides Mersen a much improved visibility and traceability as to who is taking the training modules online
  • Mersen Knowledge Center opens up the Mersen’s content to many new distributor groups within North America (5x more visitors expected)
  • Creates a secondary platform of communication for specific news and releases, reaching out to electrical distributors contractors, electricians and consultants

Below is a summary list of the current training modules available on line:

  1. Estimating Short Circuit Current: The Quick Estimate Method
  2. Arc Flash Basics
  3. Arc Flash Mitigation
  4. Basic Electricity: AC/DC current & Delta/Wye wire configurations
  5. Basics of Electricity Overview
  6. Surge Protection - Technical Background and Basics
  7. Cable Limiters
  8. Fuse Basics - Construction
  9. Fuse Basics - Performance
  10. Fuse Control - The Five Key Benefits
  11. Fusible Shunt Trip Switch - Advantages & Codes
  12. Fusible Shunt Trip Switch - Construction & Selection
  13. Medium Voltage Fuse Supports, Disconnects & Accessories
  14. Application Basics - Selectivity for Fuses and Circuit Breakers
  15. Application Basics - Selectivity for Fuses and Fuses
  16. Application Basics: Capacitor Protection
  17. Application Basics: Low Voltage Motors
  18. Application Basics: Low Voltage Transformers
  19. Medium Voltage Fuses - Motor Protection Application Guidelines
  20. Medium Voltage fuses - Transformer Application Guidelines
  21. Medium Voltage Fuses - Definitions & Introduction to IEEE/ANSI Standards
  22. Medium Voltage Fuses & Accessories


Mersen Knowledge Center content will continue to grow as new products and courses are added to the library of modules on an ongoing basis. I encourage you to register yourself and try the new E-learning experience.
Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Kian Sanjari at kian.sanjari(at)

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