TPMOV, Mersen's groundbreaking technology, is the backbone of Mersen's extensive surge protection product line.


December 1, 2016 – Newburyport, MA - USA

Mersen is pleased to announce the availability of a new video illustrating the technology of its groundbreaking TPMOV product. TPMOV (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor), patented by Mersen, is the backbone of Mersen's extensive surge protection product line. TPMOV eliminates common destructive failure modes associated with standard MOVs, and this video illustrates the many features of the TPMOV product.


Mersen’s TPMOV is quite simply, the most popular, best performing, consistent quality product available on the market. The video features 3D schematics of how TPMOV operates, as well as a side-by-side comparison using TPMOV and MOV technology. The device has a standard 50kA surge capacity rating and a premium option with a 75kA rating. It’s easy to see how TPMOV technology has confirmed Mersen as an innovator and leader in the surge protection market and why, since the introduction of TPMOV technology in 2005, Mersen has sold and shipped over 10 million units worldwide.


Matt Sawyer, product manager with Mersen explains, “You can clearly see the harmful effects a thermal runaway state creates and how, by comparison, the TPMOV disconnects safely upon sensing a thermal runaway situation, thereby saving equipment from catastrophic failure. This shows how important TPMOV technology is when it comes to safely protecting electrical equipment under abnormal voltage conditions.” 

TPMOV is a key component of Mersen’s portfolio of surge protective devices (SPDs). A
ll of Mersen’s SPD offerings are UL1449 4th edition recognized components and in addition, the portfolio offers a 200kA short circuit current rating and does not require any back-up fusing. Mersen's SPD portfolio can accommodate continuous operating voltages ranging from 150 to 550 volts AC, with a wide variety of optional accessories, features, and mounting configurations.


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