UPC to EAN Code Conversion

Date: February 1, 2017

Date:                 February 1, 2017
Subject:             Product Change Notice: Product Bar Code Changes
Effective Date:    March 31, 2017
Scope:               Customers of Mersen USA

In response to the Mersen global data harmonization effort that is currently underway, a considerable number of products have been identified that require the associated bar codes to be converted from the existing North American UPC codes to European EAN codes. The bar code changes generally apply to the following products:

1.    Products manufactured outside of North America
2.    Products manufactured in Mexico that originated outside of North America
3.    All products are identified by the European Reference Number convention

Referring to the attached table, Mersen USA will implement the UPC to EAN code conversion on March 31, 2017 (“effective date”). It is important for customers using the UPC code as the primary product identifier to implement the code conversion in their ERP systems no later than the effective date to ensure no disruption in the ordering and incoming QA processes.

Please contact your local Sales representative or Customer Service representative for additional information or for any questions that may emerge.


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