Low Voltage UL/CSA Fuses

Class RK1

A6D-R - Reducer Fuses - Class RK1 - Time-Delay

Amp-Trap 2000 SmartSpot time-delay A6D-R fuses provide IEC Type 2 no damage protection to existing mains, feeders, and branch circuits serving motor and non-motor loads. A6D-R fuses will open fast enough under extreme fault conditions for maximum short circuit protection to prevent damage to motor starters, switches, and other circuit components, yet also provide the time-delay needed for motor in-rush currents. A6D-R fuses can be used to replace obsolete 600V Class H, K or RK5 fuses already installed in the field.



  • Solid-state SmartSpot indicator
  • Time-delay for motor starting and transformer inrush currents without nuisance opening
  • 300kA interrupting rating, self-certified (UL witnessed test)
  • Extremely current-limiting for low peak let-thru current
  • Easy 2-to-1 selectivity for prevention of nuisance shut downs and "black outs"
  • Rejection-style design prevents replacement errors (when used with recommended fuse blocks)
  • High-visibility orange label gives instant recognition
  • Reduced inventory by taking the place of Class RK5, K, and H fuses
  • Metal embossed date and catalog number for easier traceability and lasting identification
  • Fiberglass body provides dimensional stability in harsh industrial settings
  • High-grade silica filler ensures fast arc quenching


  • Volts (VAC) 600 VAC
  • Volts (VDC) 600 VDC
  • Ampere Range (A) 110 - 400 A
  • I.R. AC (kA) 200 kA
  • I.R DC (kA) 100 kA
  • IR Other (kA) 300
  • Speed / Characteristic Time-Delay
  • Mounting Clip
  • Connection Terminal Type Blade
  • Body Style Cylindrical
  • Body Material Polyester
  • Materials Contact Tin-plated Copper
  • Standards UL Listed to Standard 248-12, File E2137
    DC Listed to UL Standard 248
    CSA Certified to Standard C22.2, No. 248.12
  • Application Motors
    Safety Switches
    Control Panels
    All General-purpose Circuits
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Consult Technical Services


  • A6D110/400R
  • A6D125/400R
  • A6D150/400R
  • A6D175/400R
  • A6D200/400R
  • A6D225/600R
  • A6D250/600R
  • A6D300/600R
  • A6D350/600R
  • A6D400/600R


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