Liquid Cold Plate Heat Sinks

Aluminum Liquid Cold Plates Heat Sinks

Aluminum Liquid Cold Press Pack Heat Sinks

Mersen aluminium Press Pack provides the maximum thermal performance in employing proprietary channeling techniques to optimize coolant velocity at low pressure drop while providing uniform temperature across the mounting surface for semiconductor reliability. It is an effective and reliable solution. Liquid cooled systems work perfectly for power electronics components, especially when installed in a confined space. Mersen is expert in vacuum brazing technology which ensure maximum reliability: guaranteed water tightness with no leak, robustness, no corrosion and excellent thermal performance. Result: a product sure to last decades!



  • 100% aluminium (alloy)
  • High thermal performance (cost cutting with no derating of power module)
  • Low pressure drop compared to similar product
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution below semiconductor
  • Very high pressure withstanding guarantee
  • Perfect water tightness with no risk of leak
  • All cold plates systematically pressure tested at 100%
  • Vacuum brazing technology means no corrosion: flux free!
  • Long life time: >20 years guaranted
  • Options:
  • - Surface coating
  • - Tab for electrical connections
  • - Fitting as per customer requirements


  • Standards Vacuum-brazing technology
    RoHS compliant
  • Application Cooling of any size of press pack semiconductor
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Consult Technical Services


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