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IEC Cylindrical Fuse-Links

Ferrule fuse-links 8x31 aM 400VAC

Mersen aM and gG fuse-links cover a wide range of physical sizes and ampere ratings for 400, 500, and 690VAC for protection in electrical distribution circuits and various industrial applications. Most ratings are available in size 8x31 and size 10x38 with an optional indicator, and in size 14x51 and 22x58 with an optional striker to activate an auxiliary contact. Size 10x38 is also available with striker. All cylindrical fuse-links have ceramic bodies and silver-plated contacts. Cylindrical fuse-links aM are partial range fuses. They protect electrical devices in case of unacceptable high short-circuit against destruction due high current limiting and low thermal let-through values. They cut off currents more than 6.3xln until the maximum breaking capacity (rated breaking capacity). Cylindrical fuse-links aM are mainly used for the protection of installation switch gear in otor circuit currents. For classification of the cylindrical fuse-links the nominal current of the fuse-link can be selected respective to the nominal current of the motor. Our technology and process was designed to ensure highly reliable technical performance.



  • Reduced size
  • Visual indication of fuse operation
  • Safest and most reliable protection system


  • Volts (VAC) 400 VAC
  • Ampere Range (A) 1 - 12 A
  • I.R. AC (kA) 20 kA
  • Speed / Characteristic aM
  • Body Style Cylindrical
  • Body Material Ceramic
  • Materials Contact Silver Plated Copper
  • Standards IEC 60269-1 & -2
  • Application aM type for protection of motors, transformers and other loads with in-rush currents.
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes


  • FR8AM40V1 - C217168
  • FR8AM40V10 - W201292
  • FR8AM40V12 - V1007188
  • FR8AM40V2 - R218193
  • FR8AM40V4 - S219229
  • FR8AM40V6 - C222205
  • FR8AM40V8 - F200749


  • CAD Drawings

    • Drawing 1001204 A :   PDF (94 KB)


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