Current Collector Devices (CCD)

CCD for Standard bogie

Fixed on beam

Current collector devices are used by Metro to collect the energy from the third rail to energize the Electrical Multiple Unit installed in the trailers. Since 40 years, Mersen offer the largest range of Current Collector Devices of the market with almost 200 applications running every day all over the world. The comprehensive range of CCD for Metro is designed for all kind of configurations, Regular steel wheel Metro, Pneumatic wheel Metro, Monorail and, Driverless metro applications. They can operate under 750VDC and 1.500VDC retracted manually or using a pneumatic system. In this catalog, all technologies can be customized to To fit in the space envelop available on your bogie. In case 3rd rail ramps are too short to design a CCD on the bogie frame, Mersen can propose a solution based on an additional beam fixed on the bogie axel which will hold the Current collector devices at the right place. The adaptation of the position of the CCD can be done in heigth and depth vs the position of the 3rd rail. This will limit the vertical movement of the CCD relative to the third rail. Primary suspension of bogie will be excluded in the calculation of the CCD shoe stroke. Some references for CCD installed on a beam: Argentina metro (AR),Barcelona metro (ES), Bruxelles metro (BE),...



  • Proven technology since 40 years with more than 200 applications running every day
  • CCD's dimensions and characteristics can be customized to your application
  • Minimum weight, especially low dynamic mass
  • Low noise level
  • Extremely compact
  • Cost effective, proven technologies and simple fixing
  • Low cost maintenance


  • Standards IEC 61373
  • Application Third rail applications for Metro
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes



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