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IEC Solid Links

NH Solid Links

NH solid links have a standard design. The current carrying parts are made of silver plated copper. It's also possible to get nickel plated design on request. The synthetic parts for insulated tags are in accordance with VDE 0636.



  • provides safe and visible means of isolation in a network
  • higher current carrying capacity of equipment due to low power dissipation of the copper solid links
  • safe and easy operation when used with NH-fuse handle
  • can be used as switch disconnector in combination with NH-switches and NH-bases
  • dimensions equivalent to those of NH-fuse links: sizes 000 to 4/4a
  • available in two versions: with live and insulated tags


  • Application NH-solid links can be used for switching and isolating in conjunction with NH-fuse switch disconnectors and NH-fuse bases instead of NH-fuse links.
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes


  • 33SZSM1 - N1043844
  • 33SZSM2 - D1046342
  • NH00DKNIFESGP - W216058
  • NH00NEUTRAL - Z218269
  • NH0DKNIFESGP - J217082
  • NH0NEUTRAL - Z219304
  • NH1DKNIFESGP - Y218107
  • NH1NEUTRAL - A219834
  • NH2DKNIFESGP - E200656
  • NH2NEUTRAL - N222514
  • NH3DKNIFESGP - J201718
  • NH3NEUTRAL - E223035
  • NH4ADKNIFE - A214061
  • NH4NEUTRAL - L200823


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