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Tramway technology is beingmore and more used in the development of urban mass transportation projects. The regular Tramway technology uses an energy collection based on a pantograph and catenary but it also exists an energy collection which doesn’t need catenary, the wireless technology. The two technologies enables a current collection from the floor in a dynamic or a static way. There are numerous advantages of these technologies: - For aesthetic when Tramway is next to classified buildings or monuments or historical city centers. The wireless technology will not disfigure the visual environement. - For the security of the firefighters, while intervention next to the catenary grid or for the safety of the people doing the maintenance on roads for public lightning - to enable extra-large dimensions for road transports. Mersen innovate and is the first company to propose two different Current Collector technologies wireless (static and dynamic). The dynamic Sliding technology is a Current Collector made of a sliding shoe equipped with an antenna to power the energy rail just under the tramway. During the whole course of the Tramway, the shoe is collecting the energy from a central rail powered under 750VDC and divided into portions of 8 meters. This third rail is energized, by an antenna fixed on-board, only when the Tramway is above it, for security reasons. Since 2003, 200 trains are using these proven technologies in the world and it is still developing. References Bordeaux (FR), Dubai (AE), Lusail (AE), Orleans (FR), Reims (FR), Tours (FR), Cuenca (ES), Rio (BR), ...



  • Visual aesthetic, no more catenary
  • Proven technology since 10 years with more than 200 trains running every day
  • CCD's dimensions and characteristics can be customized to your application
  • Minimum weight, especially low dynamic mass
  • Low noise level
  • Extremely compact
  • Cost effective, proven technologies and simple fixing
  • Low cost maintenance


  • Standards IEC 61373
  • Application Wireless applications for Tramways
  • ROHS Compliant Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity Yes



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