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  • Class L
  • A4BQ - Class L - Time-Delay

    Amp-Trap 2000 A4BQ fuses are 20% more current limiting than any other Class L fuse on the market. When correctly coordinated, they bring a superior level of protection to service entrance equipment. Downstream circuit components have maximum protection against short circuit let-thru current. A4BQ's built-in 4-second time-delay characteristic (at 500% of rated current) accommodates harmless inrush currents with no nuisance opening. Read more

  • A4BY - Class L - Time-Delay

    Amp-Trap A4BY fuses have been the industry's favorite when it comes to protecting service entrance equipment, feeder circuits, and circuit breakers. The A4BY is a 100% rated device and may be applied at continuous currents up to its ampere rating. A 4-second minimum time delay at 500% rating allows the A4BY to pass normal current surges and to coordinate with ground fault relays. Read more

  • A4BT - Class L - Time-Delay

    The high interrupting rating of the Amp-Trap A4BT current-limiting fuses makes it suitable for protecting mains, feeders, and general circuits. The 10-second time-delay at 500% of fuse rating is ideal for large motors and other loads with high inrush currents. A4BT fuses can be applied to normal loads up to its full ampere rating to allow 100% rating of equipment. Read more

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