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  • D0 Fuse Combination Units
  • LINOCUR® Size D02 63A 230VAC/440VAC

    The D0 Linocur® is a combination of switch disconnector fuse and Neozed® 63A fuse-link, equiped with significant safety characeristics and sophisticated switching and terminal technology. The power dissipation of Neozed® fuse-links leads to internal heating in the Linocur® device. Special design measures have been implemented in the development of Linocur® in order to prevent the device from overheating and avoid the unwanted, premature operation of the fuse-link: - generously sized, solid copper strip conductors - highly sprung foot contact - wide area of heat transfer through contact with the screw cap - wide area of contact at the foot contact - special contacts which share functions Thanks to this design, Linocur® features one of the lowest power dissipation values on the market for D0 fuse-combination units devices. Read more

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