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  • Handles, Shafts, and Mechanical Interlocks
  • Handles

    Mersen’s wide range of handles for our Low Voltage Disconnect switches includes direct-mount, selector-style, and pistol-style in different lengths. Many of these handles have locking capabilities and are available in different colors and IP and NEMA ratings. We also have metal handles and special handles for flange-mounting. Read more

  • Mechanical Interlocks

    Mersen’s mechanical interlocks enable the switches to be locked in the ‘OFF’ position via padlocks. Read more

  • Shafts

    Mersen has a wide range of shafts to fit our wide range of handles. Different handles require different shafts. The end of the shaft interlocks with the handle to keep the door from opening when the switch is in the ‘ON’ position. They also come different lengths to conform to enclosures with different depths. Read more

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