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  • High Performance Air Cooled Heat Sinks
  • Hollowfin® Air Cooled Heat Sinks

    The Hollowfin® heatsink is characterized by the shape of its fins which when mounted on the DF (6.86 mm) baseplate effectively duplicates the high fin density MF (3.43 mm) series, but with taller fins. A height to space ratio equivalent to 46:1 occurs when the fin height is 118 mm. The Hollowfin® is an ideal candidate to be attached to a copper baseplate to maximize performance. No glue is used in the process. Read more

  • Fabfin® Air Cooled Heat Sinks

    Fabfin® is a fabricated heatsink with a height to fin spacing ratio greater than an extruded section. Fabfin® can be supplied essentially of any size where a multitude of aluminum fins of varying heights and thickness are attached by a swaging process to an aluminum baseplate of variable thickness, length and width, on four standard fin spacings. These standard spacing are designated as an FF (8.51 mm), DF (6.86 mm), AF (5.49 mm), or MF (3.43 mm) series. Typical alloy is 6063 for both fins and baseplate. Finishes are numerous. No glue is used in the process. Read more

  • Mixed Metals Air Cooled Heat Sinks

    When our all aluminum high performance heatsinks cannot meet the operational performance required and liquid cooling is not an option, it is time to try our mixed metal solution. Weight is a cost driver and a heatsink design that incorporates an aluminum baseplate, copper fins or mixed copper and aluminum fins, provides the highest performance at the lowest cost. The mixed metal heatsink was developed to enhance heat spreading for those semi-conductors developing high heat flux and limited allowable temperature rise. The combination heatsink is offered with MF (3.43 mm) fin spacing and AF (5.49 mm) fin spacing as a standard configurable assembly. However, we do supply copper baseplates with DF (6.86 mm) spacing using a Hollowfin® which effectively provides MF fin spacing of 3.43 mm with fins up to 118 mm high. No glue is used in the process. Read more

  • Integrated Air Cooled Heat Sink Modules

    Typically power modules and amplifiers are attached to a heatsink with a multitude of screws together with some form of TIM. The high thermal barrier at the interface can be eliminated by swaging a multitude of fins into a thick baseplate and then machining the module features and requirements into the baseplate. Integrated modules can be fabricated using any of the 4 standard fin spacings FF (8.51 mm), DF (6.86 mm), AF (5.49 mm) or MF (8.43 mm). Read more

  • Copper Air Cooled Heat Sinks

    An all copper Fabfin® heatsink provides maximum forced air cooling performance. The fabrication process is the same as that for an aluminum Fabfin® heatsink and is offered on MF and AF fin spacing (3.43 mm and 5.49 mm respectively). While copper provides outstanding performance, the overall cost is high. Other fin spacing can be provided when fins are silver soldered into slots. No glue is used in the process. Read more

  • Dual Base Air Cooled Heat Sinks

    Dual base plate air cooled heatsinks (patented) increase fin efficiency with all aluminum or copper/aluminum assemblies. Mixed metal fin arrangements as well as dissimilar baseplates are available. Standard fin height, thickness and spacing are available but few mechanical constraints limit height, width, spacing or thickness of assembly. No glue is used in the process. Read more

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