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  • Miniature Fuse Bases & Holders
  • GPM Series

    Mersen GPM Panel Mount Fuse Holders are in sizes to acco mmodate 5x20 mm, 1/4"x1-1/4", Class CC and Midget (1-1/2"x13/32") fuses. All 30A holders have glass-filled polyester insulators for extra dependability and trouble-free installation. Patented design allows same body to accept screw or bayonet knob. Flange design allows front or rear mounting. The 10A and 15A holders are for front mounting only. Read more

  • SI PTF

    Fuse-base for 5x20 Fuses SI PTF 76 - 78 and CPT BS PTF 76/78 Read more

  • PU sizes 5x20 and 6x32

    Front mounting for 5X20 and 6X32 Fuses PU PANEL 5-6 with connectors Read more

  • PU PTF size 5x20

    Shock-safe fuse holder 5x20 PU PTF 30 - PU PTF 35 - PU PTF 40 Read more

  • PRF

    Fuse-holders 5x20 PRF 5-6 SF - PRF 5-6 AF Read more

  • MSM for 5x20 fuse-links

    Fuse Holders MSM for 5x20 Read more

  • 5x20QC1 6x32QC1

    Single-pole fuse block for 5x20 mm fuses and 6x32 mm fuses (1/4”x 1-1/4”) Read more

  • SI 6x32 for 6x32 fuse-links

    SI 6x32 Fuse Holders For Ferrule-type Fuses 6.3x32 • Compliance with IEC 60647-3 • Mounting on symmetricl or asymmetrical 35 mm DIN-rail • Protection against touching of live parts • Protection degree: IP2x for disconnectors (when device is connected and closed) • Silver-plated clips with elastic clamping • Self-extinguishing material V0-class as per UL94 • Padlocking device, blown fuse indication through L.E.D. on request • Salt spray-proof version available on request Read more

  • QC1 Miniature Fuse Block - Miniature

    The 5X20QC1 and 6X32QC1 single pole fuse blocks are for 5x20mm and 6x32mm (1/4 x 1-1/4") miniature fuses. Fuse blocks feature tin-plated clips and quick connect terminals Read more

  • Modular Bases 6x32

    A low profile fuse block featuring individual barriers which reinforce the fuse clips while providing greater protection against clip damage and electrical shock. The unique design permits self-alignment of clips to fuse cap. This, plus a onepiece clip/terminal assures low contact resistance. Higher current ratings have been attained using spring brass clips. With the exception of the two-pole unit, multiple pole units may be broken apart to obtain desired number of poles. Read more

  • In-line SFRB-Size 1-1/4"X1/4" - Includes FSFE Fast-Acting Fuse

    Bayonet Knob In-Line Fuseholders for FSFE fuses. Used at 32V or less with fuses rated up to 20A when proper spring for fuse size is installed. Read more

  • In-line SFRG-Size 5x20

    In-Line Fuseholder for 2AG and 5 x 20mm fuses. Max. current rating for 2AG fuses - 5A @ 32VMax. current rating for 5x20mm fuses - 10A @ 32V Read more

  • In-line SFRU-Size 1-1/4"X1/4" - Includes FSFE Fast-Acting Fuse

    Universal In-Line Fuseholder supplied with 15" loop of #14AWGT red vinyl insulated wire frame and three springs in different lengths to accommodate FSFE size fuse Read more

  • In-line SFRT-Size 1-1/4"X1/4" - Includes FSFE Fast-Acting Fuse

    Twist-Lock In-Line Fuseholders for FSFE fuses. Used at 32V or less with fuses rated up to 20A when proper spring for fuse size is installed. Read more

  • SHR

    Fuseholder for SLR/SMF Fuses Read more

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