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  • UL 98 Fusible
  • UL98 Fused Switch

    Mersen fused disconnect switches are extremely durable, manually operated, and versatile. They employ double break contacts per pole that ensure complete isolation of the fuse when the switch is in the OFF position. They can accommodate Class CC, J or L fuses up to 1200A. They have been tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications, such as Service Entrance. They have a TEST function that enables testing of the control circuit auxiliaries without switching the main contacts. This function provides a simple alternative to a separately wired push button. A wide array of handles is available to meet OSHA padlocking requirements, NEMA configurations, defeater options and NFPA 79 requirements. The best-in-class design allows these switches to have a significantly higher kW rating and smaller footprint than the competition. Read more

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