Other Ways to Reduce Risk

Other Ways to Reduce Risk


    Using current-limiting fuses is only one way to reduce the risk of arc flash in your facility. Here are other vital steps you should take:


    • Make sure you have the right fuses on hand. Obsolete and out-of-stock fuses increase the potential for dangerous misapplications. Mersen's inventory analysis and upgrade services help ensure that your spare fuse inventory is complete and up to date. We'll purge obsolete fuses from your existing stock, reconfigure your storeroom bins and put systems in place to avoid selection errors. In the process, we'll reduce your spare fuse inventory by as much as 25%.
    • Provide safety training for your staff. Our fuse safety training sessions emphasize the importance of accurate fuse replacement. They can be customized for various targeted audiences, such as electrical workers, purchasing professionals and storeroom personnel.
    • Learn more about mitigating arc flash hazards. Our regional engineering seminars are taught by knowledgeable engineers with expertise in arc flash protection.
    • Use finger-safe devices wherever possible. Mersen offers a complete line of IP20-rated products, including UltraSafe™ fuse holders, our FSPDB—the industry's first finger-safe power distribution block—and low-voltage disconnect switches.

Inventory Analysis and Upgrade Services

    Inventory Analysis and Upgrade Services:

    The Right Fuse the First Time, Every Time


    Current-limiting fuses can dramatically reduce the energy from an arc flash — but only if they're used correctly and consistently. Mersen's inventory analysis and upgrade services, Fuse ControlTM, will help you minimize the possibility of ordering, stocking and installing the wrong fuse.


    An important part of any plant safety program, our inventory analysis and upgrade services take very little of your time, yet they provide you and your facility with lasting benefits. Here's what we'll do:


    • Perform a comprehensive review and analysis of your fuse spares inventory using our proprietary Fuse Usage & Storeroom Evaluation (F.U.S.E.) software.
    • Conduct an onsite inspection of all spares.
    • Recommend a plan to upgrade your circuit protection to Amp-Trap 2000® — current-limiting fuses that not only improve safety, but can provide the Type "2" (No-Damage) protection that safeguards critical plant equipment from damage and less tangible assets like productivity and profitability from costly downtime.
    • Use more versatile fuses to consolidate your spare fuse inventory and reduce the number of fuses stocked — typically by 25% or more.
    • Help you clean up your database.
    • Purge your inventory of fuses that are obsolete or no longer needed, organize your storeroom bins and provide clear, informative bin labels.
    • Help you develop a plan to better control the flow of spares through your inventory.
    • Deliver customized training in fuse selection and safety for your electrical team.



    To learn more about these services, download our Fuse Control brochure. Then e-mail us or call 978-462-6662 to request your FREE fuse inventory analysis.


Using Finger-Safe Devices

    IP20-rated fuse holders, power distribution blocks and disconnect switches not only reduce shock hazards, they can minimize the chance of an arc flash being initiated by accidental contact. Consider these Mersen products for new designs or retrofits.


    Disconnect Switches

    Mersen offers an extensive line of UL 98 fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches from 30A to 1,200A. We also offer a line of UL 508 disconnect switches from 16A to 100A.

    Download Disconnect Switches brochure



    The industry's first finger-safe power distribution blocks feature a compact footprint, DIN-rail mounting and timesaving captive screws. FSPBDs are available with a wide range of openings, and their modular design allows for higher-density panels.

    Download FSPDB Advisor Page


    UltraSafe™ USJ Class J Fuse Holders


    The finger-safe design of UltraSafe USJ Class J fuse holders offers greater safety and quick, easy fuse installation and replacement. These modular, compact units are available for both 30A and 60A Class J fuses and provide convenient DIN-rail mounting and a standard lockout/tagout feature.

    Download UltraSafe™ USJ Class J Fuse Holders Advisor Page


    UltraSafe™ USCC Class CC Fuse Holders


    Like the UltraSafe USJ fuse holders, the UltraSafe USCC fuse holders provide an IP20-rated finger-safe design, a compact footprint and a standard lockout/tagout feature. In addition to a configuration for 30A Class CC fuses, there is also a USM version for midget fuses.

    Download UltraSafe™ Class CC Fuse Holders Advisor Page

    Download UltraSafe™ Fuseholders Product Brochure



    Learn from our experience


    If you want to know more about circuit protection, ask the company that's been at the leading edge of the industry for more than 100 years.


    In working with industrial customers and engineers around the world and developing innovative new products to meet their needs, our engineers have amassed an incredible amount of expertise. We're happy to share this knowledge with you through in-depth seminars designed for plant engineers and customized training courses for your electrical staff.



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