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Save time with Mersen's Product Selector Tools

With Mersen's online Product Selector Tools, you can quickly and accurately choose the right overcurrent fuse protection, surge protection device (SPD), or switch for your equipment. Mersen’s online Product Selector Tools will save you time and effort, and best of all, they’re free!


Mersen's Product Selector Tools run in a pop-up window, so please check to make sure that pop-ups are not blocked on your computer. For best results, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a browser.

product R-Tools Heatsink Modeling Online Model various heatsink configurations online using an advanced 3D numerical model from R-Tools.

product Select-A-Fuse® Online Use our online tool to quickly and accurately choose the right overcurrent fuse protection.

product Select-A-PDB® Online Use this online tool to quickly find a power distribution block for your application by entering your desired attributes from pre-populated drop-down menus.

product Select-A-PDB® 1.0 Desktop Application Download this desktop application to quickly and accurately choose the right residential, commercial, and industrial surge protection device (SPD).

product Select-A-Switch® 1.0 Desktop Application Download this desktop application to quickly find the switch, enclosed switch, or elevator switch that is perfect for your application.

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