Select-A-MCB® 1.0 Desktop Application

Find the best Combiner Box for your application

Download Select-A-MCB® 1.0 to find the best Mersen combiner box (MCB) for your application.


Features and Benefits: 


  • Make selections from drop-down controls to search for a Mersen combiner box (MCB) matching selected configuration. The program will populate the result list view with MCBs and device characteristics matching the search criteria.
  • Once a selection was made in any one of the drop down lists, the program will refresh the rest of drop down lists reflecting the available values. Click Reset button to remove all selections.
  • Select Edit menu item or press Ctrl+F to activate search function.
  • Click on column titles to sort MCBs by corresponding value.
  • Be notified when a new program version has been released.


Download Select-A-MCB Version 1.0 Installation Wizard - This is a Windows Application.



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