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    Thermal Management Technical & Applications Support

    For technical services and applications support for thermal management solutions including air or liquid cooled heatsinks, extrusions, heat pipes and cool systems, please one of our applications engineers below:

    Phone: 905-795-0077 

    U.S.A: (800) 388-5428 

    • Cliff Weasner, Applications Engineer - x 8632


    R-Tools Design Heatsinks
    Visit R-Tools to access our free online thermal modeling tool for heatsinks. This new versions is based on an advanced three-dimensional numerical model.


Laminated Bus Bar

    Laminated Bus Bar Support
Eldre's multi-layered laminated bus bars are designed to your specifications. Click here to access our quote form and detailed technical questionnaire.


    Corporate Headquarters:
    Phone: 585-427-7280


    Phone: + 33-2-41-96-15-40

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