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Mersen TPMOV® Technology

Mersen's TPMOV is quite simply, the most popular, best performing, consistent quality product available on the market. The video features 3D schematics of how TPMOV operates, as well as a side-by-side comparison of TPMOV and MOV technology. The device has a standard 50kA surge capacity rating and a premium option with a 75kA rating.

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Indirect Lightning Strikes and Mersen Surge-Trap® SPDs

While many people are familiar with the damage that a lightning strike can inflict, fewer people are knowledgeable about the dangers of indirect lightning strikes. The video shows how Mersen employee Kent Walker, vice president, solutions engineering and local volunteer fire department lieutenant, was affected when his neighbor’s house was damaged by an indirect lightning strike.

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Mersen Outdoor LED Solutions

Learn about the 3-stage solution from Mersen: SPDs for lighting panels, poles (fuseboxes), and luminaires. Mersen's full series of  outdoor LED solutions provides peace of mind for your outdoor installations.

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BrainBank Listen-n-Learn Series Video: Selective Coordination

Mersen's UL Low Voltage Products Product Manager, Dave Komm, discusses selective coordination and Mersen's new Fused Coordination Panelboard.

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USG Series UltraSafe™ Fuseholders Installation

See the speed of installation for the USG series UltraSafe fuseholder with spring terminal technology.

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Mersen at EPE'13-EECE

An interview with Mersen's Jean-François de Palma at EPE-13-EECE European Conference on Power Electronics.

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VNA Webcast: New Products from Mersen

Join Bob Lyons as he discusses the MPDB Series Next Generation Power Distribution Blocks and USG Series UltraSafeTM Fuseholders and explains how Mersen products increase user safety, reduce installation time, and improve overall system reliability.

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Arc Flash Mitigation Using Mersen's Amp-Trap 2000® Fuses

Mersen’s Amp-Trap 2000 fuses protect people and equipment from the explosive energy of an arcing fault. View our Arc Flash mitigation video to see test lab footage showing how Mersen fuses reduce the damage to equipment and PPE.

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High Voltage, High Power Electronics Protection by Fuses

Mersen Power Electronics expert Jean-François de Palma's presentation at the 2013 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Long Beach, California includes a fuseology overview, leading technology trends toward DC applications, and the role fuses provide for superior high voltage, high power electronics protection solutions.

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USG Series UltraSafe™ Fuseholders

Mersen’s UltraSafe fuseholders are known worldwide for delivering increased safety and ease-of-use to electrical installations. The USG series UltraSafe fuseholder is the newest series of products in Mersen’s fuseholder portfolio. View this video to learn how the USG series reduces labor associated with installation and maintenance as well as increases your overall system reliability.

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Protection Semiconductor (PSC) Technology

Mersen's high-performance Protection Semiconductor (PSC) technology square body fuses are truly built with speed in mind from protection to delivery. Mersen PSC semiconductor fuses deliver the ultimate in protection for your power conversion equipment. Watch the video to learn more.

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BrainBank Listen-n-Learn Series Video: Disconnect Switches

Mersen Product Manager Russ Bernstein describes the proper application and discusses the differences between UL98 and UL508 disconnect switches.

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BrainBank Listen-n-Learn Series Video: Surge Protection

Mersen Product Manager Janelle Woodfall discusses surge protection, with a focus on point of use, facility protection, and appropriate applications.

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BrainBank Listen-n-Learn Series Video: Solar Power Circuit Protection

Mersen Product Manager Janelle Woodfall talks about the benefits and issues of solar power and how Mersen products provide proper protection to ensure safety and reliability.

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