SmartSpot Fuses

Now Finding an Open Fuse is Faster than Ever

Want to avoid guesswork? Speed your fuse replacements? Cut costly downtime? Choose Mersen's innovative SmartSpot™ indicator!

SmartSpot's advanced material senses when a fuse opens and turns from silver to eye-catching red. And it stays red, so you can spot it quickly and safely with the power off. Plus, SmartSpot's unique solid-body design means there's nothing to compromise the fuse's structural integrity or reliability.

You'll find SmartSpot on our Amp-Trap 2000® Class J, Amp-Trap 2000® Class RK1, and Tri-onic®Class RK5 fuses. For complete specs, click below.


Download Initiates file downloadthe SmartSpot Open Fuse Indicator fact sheet.

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