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Mersen offers a comprehensive suite of on-site engineering, training and consulting services. The Electrical Services team is comprised of some of the best electrical protection and safety experts in the business. You can be confident that you'll receive the most up-to-date advice and direction. Here is a brief summary of the services we provide: 

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Electrical Safety Project Management

Some facilities are unsure about how to comply with complex safety requirements and require hands-on project management. Mersen can coordinate some or all of the electrical safety requirements for a facility. This may include initial assessment through program development, implementation or training. Or you may choose this service on a project-basis for assistance with arc flash analysis, integrating the latest NFPA 70E requirements, development of Request for Quote (RFQ) packages for Arc Flash studies, and more. 

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Turn to our experienced team of electrical safety engineers to analyze your electrical system's exposure to Arc-Flash and other electrical hazards in accordance with NFPA 70E and OSHA. A standard analysis includes: arc flash, shock and other hazards assessment, arc flash incident energy calculations, arc flash protection boundary calculations, determining hazard risk categories, required PPE, and recommended warning labels for electrical equipment. 

One-Line Drawings

The foundation of a strong electrical safety program is built upon one-line electrical drawings that are current and accurately represent the facility's electrical system with all of the electrical components, power sources, and electrical equipment located and clearly identified. 

Short Circuit Analysis & Coordination Studies

The reliability and safety of electric power distribution systems depend on accurate and thorough knowledge of short-circuit fault currents that may be present, and on the ability of protective devices to effectively interrupt these currents. Mersen's seasoned electrical safety experts are available to provide analysis of short circuit current faults, identify electrical equipment deficiencies and inappropriately sized components, conduct circuit protection coordination studies, and pin-point potential short circuit current rating (SCCR) issues. 

Field Inspection and Data Collection Supervision

Electrical engineers are available to perform field inspections in order to help ensure your facility is compliant with today's electrical codes. Our team is also on hand to supervise data collection and input to ensure the accuracy of arc flash calculations.

Hazard Labeling

After we complete your arc flash energy calculations, Mersen helps you satisfy the NEC 110.16 code and NFPA 70E standards requiring Arc Flash Warning Labels on all equipment that could be energized while being worked on. 

Electrical Safety Program Audit

Mersen is available to provide an objective review of your facility's electrical hazards and safety manual for NFPA 70E and OSHA compliance in a confidential audit process. 

Fuse-Opening Analysis & High Power Testing

Fuse-Failure occurs when a fuse opens without an overcurrent condition present or doesn't open when an overcurrent condition is suspected. Mersen offers fuse-opening analysis to determine the parameters at the time of failure using x-ray and other lab equipment. Mersen also has a high power test facility that provides various combinations of power up to 1,000VAC/1,250VDC and up to 100,000 amps three-phase. Our test facility is authorized to do official UL testing. Our focus on efficiency makes our test facilities extremely affordable for all of your testing needs. 

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