Fuse Control

Fuse Control<span> Get control of your plant’s assets</span>

Get control of your plant’s assets with Fuse Control™

    You feel the pressure every day. Pressure to get control of electrical safety hazards and reduce risk to workers. Pressure to comply with more complicated electrical safety regulations. Pressure to streamline inventory and reduce costs. Before the pressure gets the best of you, get control with Mersen's Fuse Control program.

    The Fuse Control program is a powerful combination of Electrical protection products & services designed to help you pinpoint obsolete fuses, duplicate inventory, and potential hazards in your electrical protection. It will give you the edge you need to mitigate arc flash hazards, achieve code compliance, and reduce inventory by 25% or more - all while offering the highest grade overcurrent protection available.

    A global leader with more than a century of experience, Mersen is the most trusted brand in the electrical protection industry. Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact us today to learn more about Fuse Control and receive a FREE fuse audit and analysis report.



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